Windmill - Introducing Workflow

approx. 2 minutes read

Up until now, you could use Windmill to monitor the master branch in your project repository while working towards a release candidate for your app. With the introduction of Workflow, Windmill opens up to provide
support across your codebase to every stage in your development workflow.

Additionally, with version 3, Windmill can now distribute your app so that you can install it to registered devices. Effectively Windmill helps you take your app from a feature branch all the way to the iPhone.


As a developer working on a feature branch, you can take advantage of Windmill whenever you commit, to make sure your code has no errors, your tests still pass, and you have a test summary.

Once the time comes to merge to master, Windmill will ensure there are no regressions as well as enabling you to install your app on a device. Eventually, you will upload to iTunes Connect as you prepare for a public beta or release to the App Store.


With Workflow, small teams in the same office space, can now benefit from Windmill too. Whereas an individual developer runs Windmill on a development Mac, as a team it is recommended that you use a dedicated Mac to monitor your “master” branch. To make the most of your workflow, you can introduce a “develop” branch in order to have a shorter feedback loop on your way to master.


Workflow changes everything about what Windmill does, where it comes in and how it supports the development lifecycle for your app. I strongly advise you to read the updated Frequently Asked Questions.

I can’t wait to make Windmill on the iPhone available which has been in beta for 3 weeks now and in review with Apple for 13 weekdays.

Whether you are an individual developer or working as part of a team, Workflow is the best opportunity to give Windmill another try and take it for a spin. It is available for free on the Mac.

This is a transformative milestone for Windmill, turning it into a Quality Assurance tool for your development workflow. Continuous delivery of iPhone apps will never be the same again after this.

As always, you can reach me on Twitter, email or iMessage.