a windmill


Quality Assurance in the delivery of iOS apps.

The Windmill source code is now public

Windmill helps businesses and individuals developing for the iPhone to consistently and reliably deliver a quality app. Unlike existing continuous delivery services, it has zero maintenance cost, offers unparalleled user experience and is built with security and privacy in mind. It starts on the Mac.

Feature Price
Automate building and testing of your app across your codebase. Free
Automatically manage signing based on your Apple Developer Team. Free
Create a workflow matching and mirroring the development process within your organisation. Free
Have your app always ready to run a beta via TestFlight. Free
Have your app always ready to submit to the App Store. Free
Install your app to registered devices using ad-hoc distribution. Free
Automate the delivery of your app to Windmill on the iPhone. Distribution Subscription

Always have access to the latest version of your app

No need to manually build your app or checkout the last working version. Windmill will always have the latest build of your app available to launch on the simulator.

Know when, where and why your app broke

Windmill provides automated building and testing of your app every time you push changes, to any branch you have added for monitoring.

Showcase your work, on your schedule

While your app is under development, merge and push to the master branch everytime you want to share progress. Windmill will build your app so that you can install it on a device.

Continue your work on a feature branch, knowing that your app is ready to demo when needed.

Get daily feedback from your team

By pushing your work daily, you enable the rest of your team to aid you during the development process. Use the opportunity to catch visual inconsistencies right there and then from your design team.

Get feedback early from your product owner to make sure the app is on the right track.

Plan your work as part of an organisation

Windmill is built with software delivery in mind.

As part of an organisation, you can be on a schedule to have a demo ready when the business and engineering teams meet to discuss the app and plan the work ahead.

Free up time for your quality assurance team to focus on what matters

Take advantage of Windmill to automate running unit, integration and UI tests for your app.

In a matter of seconds, you can run thousands of unit tests.
In a matter of minutes, you can run tens of integration tests.

Your quality assurance team can focus on profiling your app, uphold the Human Inteface Guidelines and test for accessibility.

Share your work without the need for a device

Record and share a 10 second clip for a quick and easy way to share updates and changes made to your app.

Useful when asking for feedback from a remote co-worker, to showcase a feature to your client offsite or to share your work with the rest of the organisation.

Your business decision to release an app

By continuously monitoring the development progress of your app, running a beta on TestFlight or distributing to the App Store becomes a business decision.

Your app is always available, waiting to be released when your business is ready.