Effective date: May 19, 2019

This privacy policy notice describes how data collected and shared with Windmill across devices and platforms is stored, processed and transmitted. By using Windmill across devices and platforms, you consent to this privacy policy.

What is the data, how is it used and when is deleted.

When you purchase a subscription

  • You share an anonymous user identifier which is used to create your Windmill account. This is used to store information about your subscription. (e.g. when it expires)

When you choose to have Windmill distribute your application

  • You share that application along with any metadata associated with it (e.g. its display name and bundle identifier) until you choose to delete it.

When you opt-in to receive push notifications

  • Windmill collects a device token which is used to send you a push notification (e.g. when a new build is distributed).

How is data stored

  • Amazon Web Services.
    Windmill uses AWS to store data for any applications you distribute, including account, subscripion and device data. Amazon Web Services Privacy
  • CloudKit.
    Windmill uses CloudKit to store your account and subscription information.

How is data transmitted


All data transmitted is encrypted with 256-bit encryption or higher using TLSv1/SSLv3 with SHA256 for message authentication and ECDHE-RSA as the key exchange mechanism.


Data is securely transmitted and potentially served from Cloudfront. Cloudfront is part of Amazon Web Services. Amazon Web Services Privacy.


Data is securely transmitted using iCloud.


You can email privacy@windmill.io with any questions regarding this privacy policy.


This privacy policy always reflects the current version. Any updates to the privacy policy are listed below.

  • May 19, 2019: Initial release.