Windmill is the only third-party native macOS continuous delivery app available on Apple platforms. Built on top of Xcode and its command line tools, taking into account existing conventions and development practices as defined and established by Apple, it provides a seamless user experience unparalleled by any other service available on the market today.

At its core, Windmill relies on automation to provide quality assurance in two ways. Firstly by establishing a best practice in automating building, testing, packaging and distributing apps with every code change. Secondly by providing diagnostics, reports and metrics to assess risk.

Windmill is built with a well defined process in mind on how to deliver quality apps in an effort to improve consistency, a high level of understanding and agreement across teams, businesses and the industry.

Windmill was conceived by Software Engineer Markos Charatzas on a mission to make continuous delivery of iPhone apps ubiquitous and accessible to developers and businesses. The first line of code was written on Tuesday, June 24 20:36:36, 2014 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

As an iOS Developer at Tesco Bank, responsible for the technical delivery of Tesco Bank Mobile Banking on the iPhone, he brought iOS development in-house, building a dedicated team and saving the business considerable time and budget. Later, as Head of Mobile for London-based fintech startup Soldo, Markos introduced continuous delivery to the business, bridging the gap between the engineering offices in the UK and Italy, improving the quality of software development and boosting team morale.

Today, based in Athens, Greece, he is focused full-time on Windmill and providing complimentary continuous development and delivery consulting services.

In June 2019, Windmill secured a place at Athens business incubator egg taking part on a twelve month program designed to educate and support entrepreneurs in growing their businesses.

Markos brought a very strong mobile and native iOS development experience in Soldo and by challenging our technology team he was instrumental in evolving our overall mobile app architecture. He left a mark on things that is perceivable still today after many years. He made us better and I am grateful to him for it. - Carlo Gualandri, CEO at Soldo.

Windmill is made possible by Cassie Anderson